How To Have A Serious Dramatic Conversation In The 3rd Person, Kdrama Style

Since you’re asking, these Fine Lines (Of Dialogue) are from Hwarang. Asking for a friend.

Our scene of discussion is between Ji Dwi (Park Hyung Sik) and Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon) in Episode 16.

park seo joon park hyung sik hwarang ep16

MOO MYUNG: Did you live like this all your life? That king, I mean. Worrying if someone is trying to kill him, worrying if the people around him will get hurt. Being too worried to sleep. That’s what it was like for me.

hwarang ep16 park hyung sik

JI DWI: That can’t be all.

MOO MYUNG: It’s not? Would he think about how to make the world more of a mess and if it’s possible for just the king to fill himself?

JI DWI: How could the king who was never treated like a king ever think of things like that?

MOO MYUNG: You think that the king knows the people?

hwarang ep16

JI DWI: Not that he knows the people, but he probably lived like one of them.

hwarang ep16 park seo joon

MOO MYUNG: I heard that king who lived like one of the people kills anyone who sees his face.

hwarang ep16 park hyung sik

JI DWI: That’s right, probably. He may have found out later or passed by without even realizing it. But most of the time, he probably didn’t know that someone died because of him. Because he is stupid, foolish, and weak to tell them not to kill them.

hwarang ep16

MOO MYUNG: And what can a king like that do? Can he change the world? Why must he still be alive? I said, why must he still be alive?!

hwarang ep16 park hyung sik

JI DWI: You want to kill him? Then kill him.


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