And Finally, Some Ass Kicking In Missing 9

You want some of this?

Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) kicks some Choi Tae Ho (Choi Tae Joon) ass in Missing 9, Episode 10.



screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-51-37-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-51-49-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-52-08-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-52-21-pm

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-48-44-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-49-02-pm

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-52-49-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-53-00-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-53-09-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-53-19-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-6-53-27-pm

YES! You go, Ra Bong Hee!

Not to be outdone, Prosecutor Yoon (Yang Dong Geun) got his own moment to shine.

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Having an actor walk around as a quiet-talking, yet brawny bulldog presence without throwing a single punch would be a sorely, sorely missed opportunity.

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-02-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-13-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-25-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-33-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-43-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-14-56-pm


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