Yes, Things Are Getting Inconsistent.

I completely acknowledge this.

Things are getting crazy inconsistent up in here.

I have (yikes!) not been able to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It happened.

What with work and life and a recent film festival (where the first short film that I wrote and directed screened! in front of a real audience!), I haven’t been able to post.

While technically holding down three jobs (a full-time one, a second part-time, and a third freelancing gig), it’s been eating away at my blogging and kdrama watching time. And then there’s writing and developing other passion projects. (Note to self: focus on time management and efficiency in the next few months.)

I appreciate it, but don’t look so worried.

Yes, things are gonna be inconsistent for awhile. I may post once a week, or bi-weekly, or monthly, on the kdramas which we all know and love.

Stay tuned, fellow drama lovers, I haven’t forgotten you.


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