Spotted: Kim Seul Gi on Lookout

It’s our girl, our comedy queen, our scene-stealing Kim Seul Gi!

Our kickass femme plays a surveillance pro on Lookout (don’t blink in episode 2, but there’s more of her in ep 4). Party seems to just be gettin’ started.

The kdrama stars Lee Si Young as a detective seeking justice for her daughter’s murder and Kim Young Kwang as a butt-kissing prosecutor.

Cast includes Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Sun Young (Father I’ll Take Care Of You, Reply 1988), Choi Moo Sung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Reply 1988), and Key (ddi-do-ree! Drinking Solo shoutout).

I’m getting some Squad 38 vibes with this one, with action scenes and a hot soundtrack to boot.

Lookout (파수꾼).
Director: Son Hyeong Seok (Shine Or Go Crazy)
Writer: Kim Soo Eun
Network: MBC.
32 episodes.
Airs Monday-Tuesday.
May 22 – July 11.

And now we’ve got a new show to watch, kdrama lovers.


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