Kiss-Of-The-Week: “Save Me,” Episode 1




This week’s edition of KOTW goes to newbie Woo Do Hwan, who plays Dong Cheol on “Save Me.”

In episode 1, The dark, handsome, brooding youth throws his loving grandma a kiss on the cheek because…well, just grab a tissue, why don’t you?

GRANDMA: I ordered the jjajjangmyun that you like, let’s eat.

DONG CHEOL: Grandma, why did you order expensive jjajjangmyun?

GRANDMA: It’s okay, let’s eat. If it’s for you, nothing is too expensive. As your grandmother, I’m sorry.

DONG CHEOL: Grandma, I like you the most out of everyone in the world. That’s why you don’t need to feel sorry, okay?

Jjajjangmyun = Your Grandma loves you to pieces!

The heart, kdrama lovers. The heart.


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