Actor Spotlight: Woo Do Hwan, “Save Me”

Your kdrama PYT report.

Damn, brooding on something tall and handsome never seems to go out of style.

Case-in-point: Woo Do Hwan.

Currently in: “Save Me”, Saturday-Sunday drama, on OCN.

Previous credits: Sweet Stranger And Me, Shut Up Flower Boy Band,  films Master and Operation Chromite.

Woo Do Hwan’s got the kind of burning intensity that’s not quite raw, but compels with a tamed patience; you can’t seem to look away.

Perhaps none of us can look away.

And the kind of onscreen presence that upstages the leading man.

He’s already got that crazy sexy brooding down.

And not to mention last week’s Kiss-Of-The-Week.

Not bad for a newbie.

Weekends just got better.

woo do hwan is my bae tee


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