Fine Lines (Of Dialogue): Taecyeon Surprises In “Save Me” [Episode 3]

This badge of honor goes to the line delivered by Sang Hwan, played by Taecyeon in OCN’s “Save Me,” Episode 3.

I love Taecyeon as much as the next 2PM fangirl, but I would not have pegged the thesp to take home the next shoutout in Fine Lines. Props due to the writing and directing team (Jo Geum-San, Jung Shin-Gyu, Jung Yi-Do).

In this scene in Episode 3, Sang Hwan exchanges words with bestie Dong Cheol (played by newbie Woo Do Hwan), as the rift in their friendship begins to widen.

SANG HWAN: My Dad is an alcoholic. My Dad doesn’t have the power that your Dad has. Do you know what people think of when they see you? Your powerful Dad. You know what they think of when they see me? My roughneck father.

SANG HWAN: Dong Cheol-

DONG CHEOL: Even you know  – that from the principal to the police, no one listens to me, no matter how much I try to explain. So just let me go.

And Dong Cheol begins to walk away.

SANG HWAN: Hey, Seok Dong Cheol! You’re just yourself. When I see you, you never once reminded me of your father. So, you crazy bastard!

SANG HWAN: Hold your head up high!

And his voice hangs in the air, thick with worry, fear.  Fear of losing a friend, a friendship, or just something from the days of youth you might not be able to get back.

DONG CHEOL: What are you saying, you crazy bastard? You hold your head up high.

And the most interesting character relationship in the show has just presented itself.


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