ahn hyo seop father is strange

Damn Sexy Alert: Ahn Hyo Seop Suits Up On “Father Is Strange”

Emergency wedding dates never looked so good.

Spotted: PYT not only in a suit, but in a montage nod to Descendants!

Damn you, emotionally compelling theme songs of kdramas! We are powerless against your poignant stirring. Just try not to think of Yoo Shi Jin from Descendants Of The Sun when that song starts. Try not to.

I got around to checking out last year’s Father Is Strange. It was very daily drama vibes, which isn’t normally my thing.

But after fast forwarding through many an episode and obviously shot-on-a-closed-set scene, this beauty of a PYT makeover-ish montage popped up. So simple, brief; absolutely lovely.

ryu hwa young ep9 father is strange

In this scene in Episode 9, Park Cheol Soo (Ahn Hyo Seop from Entertainer, Queen Of The Ring) comes to Ra Young’s rescue (played by Ryu Hwa Young, Mad DogHello My Twenties). [about 51 mins into the ep] She looks for him in the crowd of men approaching.

We move to slow-mo, cue music, and we’re right there with you, Ra Young. (Check out the female gaze, y’all!) Spot that suit!

Especially when he towers, I mean, seriously, just fucking towers above all the other men walking in. Ha. Nicely done, Director.

ryu hwa young father is strange

Me too, Girl. Me Too.


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