That Time Jughead Climbed Up Your House On “Riverdale”

Just like that other guy. Except, this guy has a ladder.

Come to think of it, there’s a long and healthy history of boys climbing through windows of girls’ bedrooms in film and television. Hmm. Future post.

Anyhew, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is the Romeo of our discussion here. After watching him as the odd man out of every love line for 5 episodes of Riverdale, it was satisfying to finally see him make his move in episode 6 with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). Which brought us to this quick kiss.

Sidenote: I almost forgot how kiss scenes in American shows were done; it’s been a minute. They’re not as climactic as they are in kdramas, because romance is not the heart of the plot.

Maybe I was taken by the whole boy-climbing-through-the-window entrance – was a nice throwback. He’s like the Pacey of the ensemble, if you had to equate Jughead’s character. Team Jacob to the Team Edwards. Steve to the Brandons and Dylans. Screech vibe to the Zacks.

Also dang, the casting on Riverdale is so freakin’ good. Veronica’s spitting image of Veronica like she stepped out of the pages of the comic book. Jughead’s the sexiest character who also seems woefully in need of some heavy brooding scenes. (Archie who?)

I know I usually post about kdrama-films-variety-errthangs and I’m sorta flipping the script on this one. But, hey. It’s my blog.  Who am I bowing to, here? Let’s say what we want, when we want, in a safe place.


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