cole sprouse riverdale ep2

Jughead’s Best Lines On “Riverdale”

Just sayin.’

Or, rather, Jughead’s sayings. Ha.

Season one brought us the brilliantly dark Riverdale on Netflix, in which Jughead (Cole Sprouse) dishes out some of TV’s finest (lines). Here are some of my favorites.

Episode 2


“Look, it’s the rich kids from the Goonies.”

Episode 6

cole sprouse ep6 riverdale

“They’re parents. They’re all crazy.”

Episode 8

riverdale ep8 kj apa cole sprouse

ARCHIE: “War is hell, Jug.”
JUGHEAD: “No, Archie. Hell is other people.”

Jean-Paul Sartre is smiling somewhere right now.

It solidified my suspicions that Jughead gets all the best lines. No wonder he’s the most interesting, charismatic character in that sinister Norman Rockwell town.

Episode 10

cole sprouse ep10 riverdale jughead

“Now we’re here. In the middle of a Seth Rogen movie.”

Quite possibly my favorite one.

The most perfect line delivered when the entire school shows up at your house to party.


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