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Scene-Of-The-Week: Lee Min Ki’s Matrix Moves On “Because This Is My First Life”

Tell me you saw Lee Min Ki somersaulting last week.

Those were some serious moves.

This edition of Scene-Of-The-Week goes to Lee Min Ki in Because This Is My First Life, Episode 8.

Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) takes a nasty spill and goes to great lengths, nay, heights, to avoid damaging that pricey motorcycle.

Twice, ha.

You think you’re in the clear.
And then-


That Time Jung Hae In Took Off His Shirt

I saw something. I had to say something.

About those ridiculous abs on Jung Hae In on While You Were Sleeping, Episode 7.

The face of a boy. And then he loses the shirt, and things just got ridiculous.

Enough to have Lee Jong Suk’s character, Jae Chan, all flustered.

You’re welcome, kdrama lovers.

The Moment Jang Ki Yong Got Interesting

His character, that is.

Nam Gil was nothing but a pretty face – characterized mostly by stoicism and being the Tallest Dude In The Room on Go Back Couple.

And then Episode 6 happened. It’s a bite-sized scene (hardly 60 seconds), he has barely dialog (it’s all Jang Na Ra), and it’s absolutely his character’s best scene yet.

That dress-buying montage.

Nam Gil buys a dress for Ma Jin Joo (Jang Na Ra) and imagines her reaction. “Is this a gift for me? Why?”

So he ditches the gift box. And then –

“It’s brand new. Did you buy this to give to me? Why?”

He shakes the dress and bunches it up a bit, tossing it back in the bag. Ha.

God’s speed, Nam Gil.