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Kiss-Of-The-Week: “Temperature Of Love” [Episode 4]

Well, hot kdrama damn: I declare Seo Hyun Jin gets the best lipservice in the kdrama universe.

If you haven’t noticed, “Temperature Of Love” has premiered, thankfully.

The show has also brought this week’s edition of Kiss-Of-The-Week, courtesy of characters played by Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin. (The first in a long time. And that last kiss was super sweet, but on a different playing field.)

“I want to kiss you. Does kissing come with a sense of responsibility?”


“I don’t know if what I feel for you is love or not, or some other emotion.”
“If you’re that honest, women won’t kiss you. Women have this fantasy that a man kisses her because he loves her.”
“Avoid it if you don’t want to.”

And suddenly, we remember that trains can be romantic.

These kdrama writers sure as hell ain’t ever taken a Septa.


Hello, Romance: “Temperature Of Love” Ignites

Nothing like romance to wake us up from soporific kdrama complacency.

‘Cause let’s face it, lately the kdrama landscape has been barely registering a pulse.

And then Temperature Of Love premiered this week.

And now there is a reason to get up. Something to look forward to tuning in to. It’s this tiny but undeniable little golden flame that’s lighting up an otherwise dank and dreary kdrama slump.

There’s the writing.

“This is the perfect weather for murdering someone. There aren’t any surveillance cameras in the alley, either.”
 “Who are you planning to kill?”

You can feel the ingenuity. Of the writer. Of the characters. The romanticism in the cinematography.

There’s that chemistry.  A rainy day.

“If I was a little younger I’d fall for you.”

“Fall for me, then.”

There’s the flashbacky-noir touches.

And, of course, there’s Seo Hyun Jin.

I first noticed her in Let’s Eat 2, she continued to charm in Another Oh Hae Young and now that she’s popped up in Temperature Of Love, I’m pretty sure I’ll follow her to the ends of kdrama earth.

Thank God you’re back, girl! We’ve missed you something fierce. And, quite possibly, haven’t seen such a fiery kiss scene from anyone else since.

Temperature of Love (사랑의 온도), SBS.
Writer: Ha Myung Hee.
Director: Nam Gun.
Cast: Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Jo Boa, Kim Jae Wook, Sim Hee Seop, Ji Il Joo.
Monday-Tuesday. Premiered September 18.

When One Actor Carries The Show

Y’all know what it is.

Sometimes a single actor is carrying an entire drama for you.

“Who – me?”
“Yes, you.”

Without whom, you would have passed on many episodes ago.

It’s usually a sign that there’s nothing good on; and the kdrama landscape of late falls in the meh category. (Perhaps even for the year?)

There might be some moments of overacting so bad they’re forever imprinted to memory.

But you were drawn in by a few things. Some fun supporting characters.

Hospital Ship kdrama Lee Seo Won Kim In Sik

Some compelling scenes.

But there are still disapproving eyes around these kdrama parts.

Is it too obvious that everyone’s cruising too easy on the shoulders of someone else?

Which begs one to wonder, how far can we really take this? How far can we go?

hospital ship kdrama kang min hyuk cnblue

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