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BTK!: Behind-The-Kiss, “Just Between Lovers”


Behind-the-scenes footage also includes a peek at that time 2PM’s Junho climbed up your house.


BTS!: Woo Do Hwan’s Birthday, Bloopers & A Table Read on “Save Me”

Because, let’s face it – it’s been slim pickins on the kdrama front lately. Might as well take a ride in the BTS van!

Sidenote: Taec is waaay better looking as himself at the table read below. For the record.

In this first BTS clip, Taecyeon struggles to get his lines right and Woo Do Hwan celebrates a birthday.

And Woo Do Hwan vs. Taecyeon: BTS of their fight scene here:

That table read where Woo Do Hwan  lets the swear words fly. And Taec smolders. Somebody’s been listening to their stylist, eh?

And last, but certainly not least: that fight scene which impaled our boy. (Seriously, I thought Dong Cheol was going to die.) In one moment, his emotion is so on point, it’s got you thrown like where-the-hell-has-this-kid-been-acting and why-haven’t-we-seen-him-before.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. I daresay Woo Do Hwan’s on track to be a leading man in his next project. (Who’s hoping for a romance?)

p.s. Who else feels all cute and cuddly that the Taec-David Lee pair is back together again?

BTS Of “The Best Hit”: Bloopers, A Yoon Si Yoon Burrito, & Behind-The-Kiss (BTK!)

Because I miss that Yoon Si Yoon burrito.

The finger flicking game, Behind-The-Kiss, and the photo shoot that gave you selfie #squadgoals.

Sidenote: Dong Hyun Bae, I’d hire you to narrate a BTS special any day.