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Kiss-Of-The-Week: “Great Seducer,” Episode 13

When a loveline takes a new direction.

Even if it was just Soo Ji proving a point. Which, unbeknownst to her (or known, depending on what you believe), refutes her point instead.

Kim Min Jae’s Lee Se Joo and his unrequited desires for one Soo Ji gets all shook when she (Moon Ga Young) kisses him to prove that it means nothing.

Be careful whose feelings you play with, Soo Ji. Moves like that spark a long-dormant (repressed?) loveline and gives it new wings.

ep13 great seducer kiss kim min jae

ep13 kiss great seducer kim min jae



Kiss-Of-The-Week: “My Ajusshi,” Episode 3

I did not see that coming. Hard.

Let’s be clear: My Ajusshi is not a romance.

It’s lead characters, played by Lee Sun Kyun and IU, have a twenty year age difference. (An age gap which, many have been up in arms about, of late.)

Some of the dialog in the show refers to their characters’ age difference, and Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) expresses his discomfort and the inappropriateness of offhanded comments he hears after being seen with his co-worker Ji An (IU).

And then, this happened in Episode 3.

my mister ep3 kiss

It’s not romantic; this ain’t no love story.

It’s about the sneakiest, slyest, down-on-her-luck gal and her developing stance of complete and utter manipulation.

Ji An ain’t no hero. Yet, I’m still not sure if she’s a clear-cut villain.

I love a good twist.

ep3 phone photo kiss scene my ajusshi my mister

Kiss-Of-The-Week: Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Yeon Hee on “The Package,” Episode 7

Damn, it’s getting hot in here.

Tell me you saw that.

Jung Yong Hwa. Lee Yeon Hee. “The Package,” Episode 7.

Someone knows what he’s doing. Sparks were lit af.

Shoot, Yong Hwa’s San Ma Ru got more action in Episode 7 than in the entire week in kdrama of all the other shows combined.

Ma Ru and tour guide So So (Lee Yeon Hee) are in France, natch, having shared a few private late night tours.

And here they find themselves alone again. Ma Ru gets to  thinking…

“At times like this, I wish I was a poet. I want to use the most beautiful words to ask her to spend the night together.”

And here’s what comes out:

“Sleep with me tonight.”

Ah, gotta love those kiss scenes with a dose of realism.

“Don’t overdo it.

But still Ma Ru agonizes in the predicament, swept up in the moment.

As are we, Ma Ru.




“What more beautiful words could there be?”

And then he goes in for the kill.

Swoon, baby.

Note to self: montages are a great way to throw additional kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes. Ha.

Nice direction, Chun Sung Il.