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BTK!: Behind-The-Kiss, “Just Between Lovers”


Behind-the-scenes footage also includes a peek at that time 2PM’s Junho climbed up your house.


The Best Kiss Scenes of 2017: “The Package,” “The Best Hit,” and More!

‘Cause you know we live for those.

For all you kdrama fans, you hopeless romantics, your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… ahem, you know, errbody. Heh.

Wherein I round up all the best kiss scenes of the past year – yikes,  2017, that which is now history.

Let’s go!

Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Yeon Hee, “The Package,” Episode 7

jung yong hwa kiss scene the package

That was a triple-quadruple kiss. Kiss scene within a kiss scene within a kiss scene. Remind me to use that method.

Seo Hyun Jin & Yang Se Jong, “Temperature Of Love,” Episode 4

kiss scene kdrama seo hyun jin yang se jong temperature of love ep4

There was a certain innocence to how this romance began, and that kiss was something serious, although there was no telling that the plot would get into the hot mess that it did and proceed to drag through mud. Who actually finished the drama?

Woo Do Hwan, “Save Me,” Episode 1

Cutest kiss on the cheek from grandson to grandma. Rarely seen in kdramas, especially since kiss scenes are usually preoccupied with the OTPs.

On another note, 2017 will perhaps be remembered as the year of breakout star Woo Do Hwan. How had we not noticed him before? He quickly stepped up in his next drama, a major role in “Mad Dog.”

Yoon Si Yoon & Lee Se Young, “The Best Hit,” Episodes 3 & 4

By far the funniest “accidental” kiss scenes (props to the 360 degree shot) go to Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Se Young on “The Best Hit.” The music selection and lighting just made these scenes memorable and fun af.

Lee Je Hoon & Shin Min Ah, “Tomorrow With You,” Episode 4

This one felt so intimate and unexpected I’m pretty sure Lee Je Hoon could have chemistry with a rock. I got wrapped up in the melodrama and the kiss scene solidified the plausibility of the romance, sparks and tension carefully constructed with this scene. Though there were a few gaping plotholes Lee Je Hoon’s performance and mostly good pacing and tension kept me watching til the end.

Happy New Year, y’all!

What were some of your favorite kiss scenes of 2017?

p.s. Does anyone know the actor’s name that played the grandma on “Save Me”? Comment below.

Kiss-Of-The-Week: Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Yeon Hee on “The Package,” Episode 7

Damn, it’s getting hot in here.

Tell me you saw that.

Jung Yong Hwa. Lee Yeon Hee. “The Package,” Episode 7.

Someone knows what he’s doing. Sparks were lit af.

Shoot, Yong Hwa’s San Ma Ru got more action in Episode 7 than in the entire week in kdrama of all the other shows combined.

Ma Ru and tour guide So So (Lee Yeon Hee) are in France, natch, having shared a few private late night tours.

And here they find themselves alone again. Ma Ru gets to  thinking…

“At times like this, I wish I was a poet. I want to use the most beautiful words to ask her to spend the night together.”

And here’s what comes out:

“Sleep with me tonight.”

Ah, gotta love those kiss scenes with a dose of realism.

“Don’t overdo it.

But still Ma Ru agonizes in the predicament, swept up in the moment.

As are we, Ma Ru.




“What more beautiful words could there be?”

And then he goes in for the kill.

Swoon, baby.

Note to self: montages are a great way to throw additional kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes. Ha.

Nice direction, Chun Sung Il.