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Meta Alert: “Prison Playbook” References “Reply 1988”

Episode 7.

Circle back to when Choi Moo Sung played the father of Park Bo Gum’s Choi Taek in Reply 1988.

And here we are, in Prison Playbook, with Reply‘s Shin Won Ho directing, with Choi Moo Sung as Min Chul and Park Hae Soo’s Je Hyuk:

prison playbook ep7

MIN CHUL: When I was young, people used to say that I looked like Park Bo Geum.

JE HYUK: When you were young, Park Bo Gum wasn’t even born yet.

MIN CHUL: That right?

JE HYUK: And it’s not Park Bo Geum, it’s Park Bo Gum.


Who else caught it?


Damn Sexy Alert: Jung Hae In, In Uniform

After his character reveal on Episode 8, things have taken a turn for Captain Yoo’s character, played by Jung Hae In on Prison Playbook.

I mean, we knew he’s been showing off his allergy to wearing shirts, but  who knew Jung Hae In was this sexy in uniform?

It must be the military beret. I didn’t really take much notice before.


The Second And Third Time Jung Hae In Took Off His Shirt

And count one for Park Hae Soo, too.

That first time for Jung Hae In seemed to create quite a fuss (Lee Jong Suk who?).

Jung Hae In, of pretty boy face-dom and While You Were Sleeping, can be found on Prison Playbook (here’s why you should watch). Quite the change in character, as he plays Captain Yoo, the formidable loose cannon type who’s got everyone walking on eggshells.

Episodes 6 and 7 brought us to Jung Hae In’s subsequent disrobings – at least, I think it’s the second and third time.

Anyhew, in keeping with the tracking of characters allergic to shirts, we find Jung Hae In’s Captain Yoo ditching the garment in Episode 6 while doing knuckle push-ups in solitary confinement, and Episode 7 as he exchanges a word in the locker room with Je Kyung (Park Hae Soo).

You’re welcome.