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Yes, Things Are Getting Inconsistent.

I completely acknowledge this.

Things are getting crazy inconsistent up in here.

I have (yikes!) not been able to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It happened.

What with work and life and a recent film festival (where the first short film that I wrote and directed screened! in front of a real audience!), I haven’t been able to post.

While technically holding down three jobs (a full-time one, a second part-time, and a third freelancing gig), it’s been eating away at my blogging and kdrama watching time. And then there’s writing and developing other passion projects. (Note to self: focus on time management and efficiency in the next few months.)

I appreciate it, but don’t look so worried.

Yes, things are gonna be inconsistent for awhile. I may post once a week, or bi-weekly, or monthly, on the kdramas which we all know and love.

Stay tuned, fellow drama lovers, I haven’t forgotten you.


On A Personal Note: WTF Am I Doing With My Life?! AKA The Best Of 2016

I realized this is late in admission. But I don’t care. I’m doin’ it anyway.

There are some gems to be recognized.

At the end of the year, I tend to lament over not having accomplished much of anything, and slip into a what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-with-my-life syndrome for a stretch. (This is also a moment that washes over me once a day.) I can’t help but compare myself, my work, my career, and my personal life to that of my much more accomplished, successful peers.

But I’m giving it a rest this time.

Even those accomplishments that seem so small, I consider to be a genuine triumph. Every day I have a goal, every step is something to be proud of, every mistake made and lesson learned – a new achievement. There were some truly amazing things that happened in 2016. (Let’s take a quick break from discussing the things that weren’t so great, shall we?)

I wrote, directed, and produced my first short film.

I (finally) posted some vlogs.

I reconnected with an old friend. Like, old. Oldest of the oldest friends.

I finished my prereqs for grad school.

I found a job that will help me apply to grad school.

I interviewed an up-and-coming director and actor.

I started freelancing for a new, amazing publication.

I started writing every day on my blog (for a whole month!) – and decided to still keep going strong!

I interviewed a Korean pop star.

I got approved to cover a major event in 2017 that I’ve never attended before.

I watched a lot of kdramas. I mean, a lot.

I took a free MOOC class online and completed it.

So don’t lament, y’all. Don’t say you didn’t do anything last year. Take a retrospective look at the work you’ve accomplished. Sometimes a single day alone is a battle won. A battle lost, is still probably a battle won. Gotta win and lose all of them to get to the victory lap, right?

Don’t dwell on the hey-why-am-I-not-where-I-want-to-be-yet. Set new goals. Learn new things. We all do things on our own, original, unique timelines because life throws things at you the way they do. They are different from that of your peers. Your peers are different from you.

So take care of yourself. And truly be yourself, because there is no one person in the world like you. With your strengths and weaknesses, your flaws and quirkiness, your perspective and your dreams and your passions; you are truly a limited edition.

A Note To Bloggers + Readers

Dear Readers, Bloggers, Kdrama Lovers + Friends,

You may have noticed I’ve been blogging more lately. Or maybe you’ve discovered my blog for the first time today. At any rate, thank you for stopping by.

Today is December 1st; I’m still recovering.

I decided that, for the month of November, I would blog. Every. Single. Day.

I did it just to see if I could. To write, consistently. Just to see if it was possible, while working full time and freelancing and pursuing other passions and, that whole constant catch up of multiple life ambitions.

It kicked my ass.

Nights after work became a mad race to get home, shower, eat some dinner, and stay up to watch an episode or two and write up a post. I spent hours writing and putting together screencaps and collages and watching dramas and researching as much as I could in the remaining moments I had before my eyes closed for the night.


Props to all those who do it, especially on top of a full time job. I lost a lot of sleep.

But I wanted to finish it. I wanted to write every single day. Even though I was soooo tired.

And it was the unexpected comments, likes, and follows that helped keep me going. It was like my fellow kdrama lovers were right there with me, rooting me on. So, thanks.


I also have new dreams now. Of blogging from a hotel room. In a hot tub. With doughnuts.