BTS Treat!: Behind-The-Scenes Of “Go Go Waikiki”

I miss them already.

If you’re also reeling from sadness now that the show has wrapped, here are some behind-the-scenes treats to get you through.

The cast is so cute together! Knowing how ridiculously hilarious the show was, it’s not hard to see how they had each other in stitches.

And this.

and that wedding episode;

I share, because I care.

And an interview with Lee Yi Kyung, ’cause you know he’s got a special place in our hearts.


BTK! Behind-The-Kiss: Jung Hae In x Son Ye Jin on “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food”

They rehearse! They drink beer! They share ramen!

Episode 4 on Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food brings us into too-cute-to-handle territory, and I had to share this behind-the-scenes treat.

Check out the making of that first kiss scene between lead characters Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) and Joon Hee (Jung Hae In).

Behind-The-Kiss: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, Episode 4

Dang it, they’re jus so flippin cute together!

The weekend seems so far away.

Episode 5 awaits, fellow kdrama Lovers!

“Great Seducer”: The Week Where Everyone’s Crying

This week, on Great Seducer, there was lots of melodramatic ballads in overdrive. And crying. Lots and lots of crying in Episodes 19 and 20.

The real tragedy is the loss of plotline tension. What the heck happened to that bet, anyway?

In summary, that crying game, below.

Tae Hee cries outside the apartment

great seducer joy cries ep19

Not sure why she started running after the car.

Shi Hyun cries at the hideout

woo do hwan ep19 great seducer cries

In a quiet, broody way.

Soo Ji cries in the elevator

moon ga young ep19 cries elevator

Finally, the character with the thickest skin of them all.

Tae Hee cries in her apartment

joy great seducer ep19 cries

For the record, I thought she would have destroyed the lightbulb in true melodramatic fare. Kinda glad she didn’t.

Go Kyung Joo cries outside her house

ep19 great seducer crying

I could feel it coming for Go Kyung Joo – girl looked positively shaken to the core by that cheek kiss. That damn Lee Se Joo. Although, it is interesting that it’s a bit of Lee Se Joo x Soo Ji kiss in reverse, in which case, Go Kyung Joo has all the feels, unreciprocated.

And then in her room

great seducer ep19

Kind of liked that her sweet Ma was there.

Tae Hee cries in front of the grandmas [Episode 20]great seducer ep20 joy cries

I was kind of missing the grandmas.

And then with Shi Hyun [Episode 20]

great seducer ep20 joy cries

He shows up when she becomes a drunk hot mess.

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