Korean Films Now Streaming: “Socialphobia,” “New Trial,” and “One Way Trip” [August 2017]

The latest Korean films streaming. Enjoy.

Socialphobia (2015)

“Socialphobia” is a gritty indie film starring Byun Yo Han (who blew up – along with the rest of the cast – in Misaeng), Ryu Jun Yeol (from Lucky Romance, Reply 1988), and Lee Joo Seung (The Producers, Let’s Eat 2). Find it on DramaFever.

New Trial (2017)

Because Dongju: Portrait Of A Poet left us all wanting more. Or at least have something with KHN to hold us over until his other movie finally hits US soil. “New Trial” stars Jung Woo and Kang Ha Neul, along with Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988, Entourage). Now on Viki.

One Way Trip (2016)

Dark coming-of-age tale appropriately told with some of kdrama’s already familiar up-and-comers.  Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo, Suho, Kim Hee Chan. Because we’re still upset from seeing Ji Soo get rejected not once, twice, or thrice, but a fourth time. Probably even more. DramaFever’s got it.

Honorable Mention: Bleak Night, quite possibly my favorite indie flick, is now on DramaFever. You’re welcome.


Fine Lines (Of Dialogue): Taecyeon Surprises In “Save Me” [Episode 3]

This badge of honor goes to the line delivered by Sang Hwan, played by Taecyeon in OCN’s “Save Me,” Episode 3.

I love Taecyeon as much as the next 2PM fangirl, but I would not have pegged the thesp to take home the next shoutout in Fine Lines. Props due to the writing and directing team (Jo Geum-San, Jung Shin-Gyu, Jung Yi-Do).

In this scene in Episode 3, Sang Hwan exchanges words with bestie Dong Cheol (played by newbie Woo Do Hwan), as the rift in their friendship begins to widen.

SANG HWAN: My Dad is an alcoholic. My Dad doesn’t have the power that your Dad has. Do you know what people think of when they see you? Your powerful Dad. You know what they think of when they see me? My roughneck father.

SANG HWAN: Dong Cheol-

DONG CHEOL: Even you know  – that from the principal to the police, no one listens to me, no matter how much I try to explain. So just let me go.

And Dong Cheol begins to walk away.

SANG HWAN: Hey, Seok Dong Cheol! You’re just yourself. When I see you, you never once reminded me of your father. So, you crazy bastard!

SANG HWAN: Hold your head up high!

And his voice hangs in the air, thick with worry, fear.  Fear of losing a friend, a friendship, or just something from the days of youth you might not be able to get back.

DONG CHEOL: What are you saying, you crazy bastard? You hold your head up high.

And the most interesting character relationship in the show has just presented itself.

Actor Spotlight: Woo Do Hwan, “Save Me”

Your kdrama PYT report.

Damn, brooding on something tall and handsome never seems to go out of style.

Case-in-point: Woo Do Hwan.

Currently in: “Save Me”, Saturday-Sunday drama, on OCN.

Previous credits: Sweet Stranger And Me, Shut Up Flower Boy Band,  films Master and Operation Chromite.

Woo Do Hwan’s got the kind of burning intensity that’s not quite raw, but compels with a tamed patience; you can’t seem to look away.

Perhaps none of us can look away.

And the kind of onscreen presence that upstages the leading man.

He’s already got that crazy sexy brooding down.

And not to mention last week’s Kiss-Of-The-Week.

Not bad for a newbie.

Weekends just got better.

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