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Cameo Alert: Wheesung Sings On “Go Go Waikiki”

The episode that made you glad you stuck with this show.

Episode 6, if you haven’t been paying attention. Episode 6 is the greatest, most excellent, and most outrageous from Go Go Waikiki.

Dong Gu (Kim Jung Hyun) and Yoon Ah (Jung In Sun) get a special singer at their wedding (that wedding!), Wheesung himself.

p.s. Lee Yi Kyung’s character is the BEST. He’s just THE BEST. (Cue 2NE1 song.) Hello, comedic acting chops. Where ya been my whole life? It’s like his comedic star power only took a dip in the pool in Go Back Couple, and Go Go Waikiki finally gave him some wings. Fly, Lee Yi Kyung. Fly.