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5 Things About “Mr. Sunshine” on Netflix

First impressions, y’all!

That hotly anticipated next drama, Mr. Sunshine from that little known (ahem) writer in kdramaland.

I finally caught the first episode, which is now available on Netflix. [New eps every week.]

#1: Episode 1 is packed.

Lots of characters and backstory. It’s historical sageuk vibes, so it’s chock full of betrayal, sacrifice, class restrictions, tragedy, power plays, and war.

#2 It looks hella expensive.

Just count the war scenes, massive sets of extras, period costumes, and full on historical sets.

#3 The evil dude from W is in it.

villain Mr. Sunshine ep1

He’s evil here, too. Typecasting much?

#4 Byun Yo Han looks goood, y’all.

mr. sunshine byun you han ep1


And last, but not least:

#5 It’s a Descendants reunion, y’all!

Well, sort of. That other couple we shipped so hard in Descendants Of The Sun, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo, reappears here.

Not to mention there’s a shoutout of Goblin and Descendants cast members all up in this joint. It’s like Kim Eun Sook just rounded up the old gang for another party.


BTS!: Behind-The-Scenes Of “Fight My Way”

Because going Behind-The-Scenes is always a sweet treat.

Let’s go bts of Fight My Way! The series’ final two eps air this week.

Sidenote: how adorable is Kim Sung Oh?

You’re welcome, kdrama lovers.

Choi Woo Sik’s Passive Aggressive Lines Of Creepiness on Fight My Way

Yikes. If that face wasn’t so dorky and innocent.

Moo Bin, played by Choi Woo Sik (ah Hogu!) is one of the sweetest faces spittin’ out the creepiest lines on kdramatubes this season. Passive. Aggressive.  But never delivered quite like this before, ladies and gents.

Episode 3: He Told Her What He Did For Her

“I thought hard for days, just for this silly thing, just to see you, Ae Ra. These clothes are new and I went to the hair salon today, made a restaurant reservation, and filled up the tank.”

Granted, this was just slightly borderline creepy. But it was full on burdensome, espesh before a coerced, unplanned, unasked for first date.

Episode 4: Because He  Already Waited An Hour For Her

“I have exactly three hours free, and I spent one hour waiting for you, so there’s two hours left. So you think you can hurry and get in?”

Good thing he  asked. Right.

AH. But he says it so politely, with that sweet af smile.

Episode 4: When He Grabbed Her Sleeve

“What? You’re leaving already?”

Episode 4: When He Held Her Hand

After he said “I’m not going to be cute.”

It wouldn’t be so weird but this felt a little forward and fast, Moo Bin ssi.

Episode 4: When He Said He Might Lose His Job

“Aera, today I really overexerted myself in meeting you today. When I get back to work I might get fired.”