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BTK!: Behind-The-Kiss, “Just Between Lovers”


Behind-the-scenes footage also includes a peek at that time 2PM’s Junho climbed up your house.


Kiss-Of-The-Week: Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Yeon Hee on “The Package,” Episode 7

Damn, it’s getting hot in here.

Tell me you saw that.

Jung Yong Hwa. Lee Yeon Hee. “The Package,” Episode 7.

Someone knows what he’s doing. Sparks were lit af.

Shoot, Yong Hwa’s San Ma Ru got more action in Episode 7 than in the entire week in kdrama of all the other shows combined.

Ma Ru and tour guide So So (Lee Yeon Hee) are in France, natch, having shared a few private late night tours.

And here they find themselves alone again. Ma Ru gets to  thinking…

“At times like this, I wish I was a poet. I want to use the most beautiful words to ask her to spend the night together.”

And here’s what comes out:

“Sleep with me tonight.”

Ah, gotta love those kiss scenes with a dose of realism.

“Don’t overdo it.

But still Ma Ru agonizes in the predicament, swept up in the moment.

As are we, Ma Ru.




“What more beautiful words could there be?”

And then he goes in for the kill.

Swoon, baby.

Note to self: montages are a great way to throw additional kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes on top of kiss scenes. Ha.

Nice direction, Chun Sung Il.

Kiss-Of-The-Week: “Temperature Of Love” [Episode 4]

Well, hot kdrama damn: I declare Seo Hyun Jin gets the best lipservice in the kdrama universe.

If you haven’t noticed, “Temperature Of Love” has premiered, thankfully.

The show has also brought this week’s edition of Kiss-Of-The-Week, courtesy of characters played by Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin. (The first in a long time. And that last kiss was super sweet, but on a different playing field.)

“I want to kiss you. Does kissing come with a sense of responsibility?”


“I don’t know if what I feel for you is love or not, or some other emotion.”
“If you’re that honest, women won’t kiss you. Women have this fantasy that a man kisses her because he loves her.”
“Avoid it if you don’t want to.”

And suddenly, we remember that trains can be romantic.

These kdrama writers sure as hell ain’t ever taken a Septa.