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Actors’ Ages On “The Best Hit”

How old are you?
No, how old are you?

For the record, here they are – the real ages of cast members on “The Best Hit.”

the best hitBrace yourself.
Dong Hyun Bae, 34 and Kim Min Jae, 20

dong hyun bae kim min jae ages the best hitPop star trainees. Believable? What do you think?

Cha Tae Hyun, 41 and Yoon Son Ha, 41

cha tae hyun yoon son ha age the best hitThough I swear Cha Tae Hyun looks exactly the same as his My Sassy Girl days.

Cha Eun Woo, 20

cha eun woo the best hit astro ageYoung thesp was a ringer for a pop star-turned-actor stint, but found that I didn’t mind his acting. Did we all look this baby-faced at 20?

Hong Kyung Min, 41

hong kyung min the best hitYes, I love that him and Yoon Si Yoon even performed as kpop duo J2.

Lee Deok Hwa, 65

lee deok hwa the best hitDid you see this acting vet in Suspicious Partner, too? Strong eyebrow game, too.

Yoon Si Yoon, 30 and Lee Se Young, 24

yoon si yoon lee se young ages the best hit

Surprised? Not?


#squadgoals: The Photo Shoot, by “The Best Hit”

Because we all need #squadgoals.

The mod squad that occupied one rooftop room in kdrama universe on The Best Hit took one enviable photo shoot in Episode 26. When the team is looking uninspired for those digital kodak moments, perhaps we should take a few notes from these guys.

The Best Hit Takes It To La La Land [SPOILER ALERT], Episode 24

Well done, Show. I did not see that one coming [SPOILER ALERT].

In episode 24 of this week’s The Best Hit, the Show takes its (leading?) couple (of-the-moment?) to La La Land, complete with taking pages of the original soundtrack to score the scene.

Dda Bong (Yoon Si Yoon) takes a trip down the What-We-Could’ve-Been road with Choi Woo Seung (Lee Se Young), and all the lovey-dovey cuteness that would’ve been – the ddukbokgi, the omurice, the trip to work together, that dreamy-sunlight-washed-good-morning kiss. Cue score.

And there he is, running after Woo Seung in the rain, because he needs her to stop, turn around, and kisses her (sounds like a song, right?).

And then, serving its La La Land purpose, just as we’d been given hope for this couple, the music winds down, and we’re back in the rain. With Dda Bong. And we stand there with him when Woo Seung shows up f and Dda Bong realizes what he’s missing, what could’ve been, what was lost.

Damn you, kdrama powers. How’d you hit me right there?

Move over, Ji Hoon (Min Jae). I’m on Team Dda Bong.