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This Week’s Pick: “My Ajusshi”

I wasn’t expecting to like this one.

My Ajusshi is good. Very good.

I had absolutely no expectations. There was some online buzz about viewers being turned off by the age gap between the two lead actors, Lee Sun Kyun and IU, however the show’s premise was never touted as a romance to begin with, so maybe people just assumed incorrectly?

At any rate, I began watching, and was swiftly caught up in the melodrama’s speedy pacing. It felt like one of those company-man- takes-down-the-corporate-greed-villains narratives, a David vs. Goliath story.

lee sun kyun office ep1 my ajusshiep 2 villain my ajusshi

And then you hit Episodes 3 and 4, and damn. The show’s genius slowly reveals itself.

The writing is thoughtfully crafted and well-orchestrated. The characters are well-drawn. The plot lines flow with excellent pacing and unexpected twists. The dialogue is gritty, real, as are the jobs, environments and family lives of our characters. I’ve been there; we’ve all been there. Dragging ourselves to that job we hate. About to buckle under a stack of family burdens. Financial stress. Relationship stress. Work hierarchy.

my ajusshi ep1 family

IU’s Ji An is sharply perceptive, calculating, a bona fide criminal mastermind hidden under the guise of a lowly office temp. We don’t know if she’s a heroine or a villain, can we trust her? We want to, but we just can’t get fully on board.

IU ep1 my ajusshi

IU sunglasses ep1 my ajusshiIU ep3 listens in my ajusshi

I quietly tuned in to this story of deceit, betrayal, and extortion, and through it find the glimmer of humanity trying so desperately to find its way back into our characters’ lives.

From the director of Signal and Misaeng, and the writer of Another Oh Hae Young, the show’s in incredibly good hands.

my ajusshi

IU grandma shopping cart my ajusshi ep5jang ki yong IU my ajusshi my ajusshi wifesubway filt ep1 iu lee sun kyun my ajusshi

I just finished Episode 5. And I got that feeling.

It’s the kind of drama so good you wish you wrote it.

My Ajusshi. (나의 아저씨).
Network: tvN.
Director: Kim Won Suk.
Writer: Park Hae Young.
Cast: Lee Sun Kyun, IU, Park Ho San, Lee Ji An, Song Sae Byuk, Kim Young Min, Jang Ki Yong.
Available on DramaFever.


Dinner Buddies IU x Lee Sun Kyun: IU’s Meal Count On “My Ajusshi”

It should be called Ajusshi Who Buys Me Food, yeah?

Ji An (IU) asks Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) to buy her dinner. Alcohol, too. You know, lest she tell everyone Dong Hoon did not take that accidentally-sent-to-him bribe and tossed it.

Dinner #1: Episode 1

my mister my ajusshi ep1 IU Lee Sun Kyun

And in those shades! And the creation of the Dinner Buddies (by extortion) of My Ajusshi begins.

Dinner #2: Episode 2

my ajusshi ep2 IU Lee Sun Kyun my mister

This time it was (a mighty platter of) tempura and beer.

Dinner #3: Episode 3

dinner duo buddy my ajusshi IU lee sun kyun

ep3 my ajusshi dinner IU lee sun kyun

Dong Hoon, fed up with getting bullied (extorted) by this kid, resolves to end these meals. (And then she throws that gut punch.)

But we all know that this is not the end of the Dinner Buddies.

Kiss-Of-The-Week: “My Ajusshi,” Episode 3

I did not see that coming. Hard.

Let’s be clear: My Ajusshi is not a romance.

It’s lead characters, played by Lee Sun Kyun and IU, have a twenty year age difference. (An age gap which, many have been up in arms about, of late.)

Some of the dialog in the show refers to their characters’ age difference, and Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) expresses his discomfort and the inappropriateness of offhanded comments he hears after being seen with his co-worker Ji An (IU).

And then, this happened in Episode 3.

my mister ep3 kiss

It’s not romantic; this ain’t no love story.

It’s about the sneakiest, slyest, down-on-her-luck gal and her developing stance of complete and utter manipulation.

Ji An ain’t no hero. Yet, I’m still not sure if she’s a clear-cut villain.

I love a good twist.

ep3 phone photo kiss scene my ajusshi my mister