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The Best Hiding Spot Ever, By Missing 9

In case you’re getting chase down by a murderer.

When you could probably run, but you choose to hide.

Here’s what to do, courtesy of Missing 9, Episode 12.


Maybe the show should be called The Adventures Of Joon Oh And Bong Hee. Remember when they showed us how to catch a pig?

Don’t forget to turn off your phone. Somebody might hear it.

missing9 ep12 choi tae joon


This Chase Scene Interruption Brought To You By…

Please stand by. This chase scene will resume in just a moment.

Missing 9’s Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho) vs. Ki Joon (Oh Jung Se) chase scene interruptions in Episode 11 brought to you by:

Video Games

jung kyung ho oh jung se missing9 ep11 video gamevideo game missing9 ep11

‘Cause if there’s some video game from way back in the day, ya gotta stop.

Ddukbokgi (Spicy Rice Cakes)

ddukbokgi spicy rice cake


Because ddukbokgi=happiness. If ya didn’t know, now ya heard.

Spa Time

korean spa missing9 ep11 jung kyung ho oh jung se screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-06-10-pm

Sometimes you gotta take a break for a good soak.
You may now resume your regularly scheduled chase scene.

chase scene missing9 ep1 screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-04-49-pm

This Week’s Most Pitiful Looking Character

Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho) lives! Thank gooodness.

I mean, we knew he would, but, ah, sigh of relief for Missing 9 (Episode 11).

And he also takes the cake as this week’s Most Pitiful Looking Character.

It takes a brave actor to be willing to look like this.


screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-8-28-26-pm screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-8-28-39-pm



Not to worry, his stylist (Baek Jin Hee) found him some clothes – yes, there’s another turtleneck under there.

jung kyung ho missing9 ep11