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Korean Films: Netflix, DramaFever, Viki, May 2017

Ah, the current state of online distribution.

Here’s a look at three major online distributors of Korean films (in the US), and what they’re currently streaming:

(*Please note this is what’s currently streaming in the US; offerings will differ depending on territory.)




2015 Dream Concert


The Beauty Inside

The Chronicles Of Evil

The Concubine

The Dino King

The Divine Move



The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

For The Emperor

The Good, The Bad, The Weird

A Good Rain Knows


The Host

The Housemaid

Kundo: Age of the Rampant

Man On High Heels


No Tears For The Dead

Northern Limit Line



The Pirates

Queen Of The Night

Red Carpet

Sea Fog

The Silenced

Songs From The North

The Tiger


The Treacherous

Train To Busan

The Wailing

A Werewolf Boy

4 Horror Tales


20 Once Again

A Fish


Antarctic Journal

After The Banquet



Architecture 101

The Art Of Seduction

As One

Attack On The Pin-Up Boys

The Attorney


The Berlin File

A Better Tomorrow

The Boat

Blood Rain

Bounty Hunters

A Boy Who Went To Heaven

Castaway On The Moon

The Classic

Code Name: Jackal

Dancing Queen

Death Bell

Detective K: Secret Of The Lost Island

Detective K: Secret Of The Virtuous Widow

A Dream Comes True

Driving With My Wife’s Lover

The Face Reader

The Fatal Encounter

Finding Mr. Destiny

The Flu

Fly, Daddy, Fly

Forbidden Quest

Friend 2

A Friend In Need

The Front Line

Gangnam Blues


Going By The Book

GROW: Infinite’s Real Youth Life

The Happy Life


He Was Cool

The Heaven Is Only Open To The Single

Heaven’s Postman

Heaven’s Soldiers




Hot Young Bloods

The Huntresses

Hwang Jin Yi (2007)


I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK

The King And The Clown

Lady Daddy

Late Autumn

The Legend Of Seven Cutter

Les Formidables

Lifting King Kong

Like For Likes

Little Black Dress

Love Forecast

Love Me Not

Love On Air

Lump Of Sugar



May 18

A Millionaire On The Run

Miss Granny

Modern Boy

A Moment To Remember



Muoi: The Legend Of A Portrait

Once Upon A Time In High School

Our Town

Over The Border


Parallel Life

Penny Pinchers

A Perfect Match

Please Teach Me English

The President’s Barber

Private Eye


Pure Love

R2B: Return To Base

The Recipe

The Relation Of Face, Mind And Love

Riverbank Legends

Romantic Island

Runway Cop

Sa Kwa

Salut d’Amour

Second Half

Secretly Greatly



Stateless Things

Steal My Heart

The Suicide Forecast

The Suspect

Tale Of Cinema

Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

The Technicians

The Thieves

Time Renegades

Top Star

Tough As Iron

Triangle (2009)


Two Faces Of My Girlfriend

The Unjust

Vampire Cop Ricky


Venus Talk

Very Ordinary Couple

War Of The Arrows

A Werewolf Boy

Whatcha Wearin’?

When Spring Comes

The Witness

A Wonderful Moment

Aimless Bullet

Alice: Boy From Wonderland


As One

Because I Love You

Black House

The Boys Who Cried Wolf

Dancing Queen


Dongju: Portrait Of A Poet

The Divine Weapon

Fasten Your Seatbelt

February 29

Finding Mr. Destiny

Ghost House


Going By The Book

Good Morning Mr. President

The Happy Life




I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK

The King & The Clown


Late Autumn

Little Black Dress

Life Risking Romance

Love Forecast

A Millionaire On The Run

My Scary Girl

Mother And A Guest

No Mercy

Once Upon A Time In High School

Open City

Over My Dead Body

Penny Pinchers

Perfect Number

Private Eye

Project 577

Proof Of Innocence

Public Enemy Returns


The Recipe

Righteous Ties

Runway Cop


Seong Chun Hyang

The Servant

Shadows In The Palace


Sori: Voice From The Heart


The Suicide Forecast


Takeoff 2

The Unjust

The Wedding Day

A Werewolf Boy

Whatcha Wearin’?

Will You Be There?

A Wonderful Moment


3 Korean Films You Didn’t Know Were On Netflix.

Because I had given up on Netflix as a source of Korean films awhile back, and you probably did, too.

But they’ve got some of the more recent releases, so now’s the perfect time to give it another looksee. Here are three to check out.

Assassination (2015)

One of those intricately woven action dramas in the style of a Western, but unexpectedly materializing some romance.  Star-studded cast of established actors Gianna Jun, Ha Jung Woo, Cho Jin Woong (Signal shoutout), Oh Dal Su, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hae Sook.

The Beauty Inside (2015)

A romantic comedy who’s who of kdrama’s frequent flyers – Lee Dong Wook, Park Seo Joon, Kim Hee Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988 shoutout), Kang Seo Joon (Entourage). A man wakes up every morning with a different face – and sometimes as a woman. Han Hyo Joo plays the love interest our leading man tries so desperately to stay awake for – as the same man.

The Chronicles Of Evil (2015)

Son Hyun Joo is our protagonist in this feature, a cop whose accident turns into colossal damage. This also marks Park Seo Joon’s first major role in a feature film (in which his character is not played by a dozen different actors, as above) is familiar enough as a revenge-themed dark criminal drama, but the twist is just sufficient enough after establishing the father-son like relationship between two cops. If you can’t get enough of PSJ here, at least there’s a few kdrama marathons you can catch more of him in – Hwarang, A Witch’s Romance, She Was Pretty, and Kill Me, Heal Me.

Now if only you could get a few more faces – the likes of Ra Mi Ran, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Seul Gi, Yoo Ah In. For starters.

Bleak Night (파수꾼), Reviewed.

Bleak Night poster

Bleak Night (파수꾼), 2011, 116 mins. Written + Directed by Yoon Sung Hyun.

First: WTF this is a STUDENT film??? Dayummm.

Bleak Night is a drama telling the story of three high school boys, and the search by one of the boys’ fathers, investigating answers surrounding his son’s death.  Such a raw, gritty story, grey visuals permeate the film (many of the scenes are handheld) – the coldness, the city, the concrete embankments of the train station where the boys frequent.  Even the closest of friends have misunderstandings, and here begins a story of how fragile friendships can be.


Bleak night 4

Kitae, played by Lee Je Hoon (The Front Line, Architecture 101, Fashion King), is an alpha male with a handful of cohorts who do his bidding, albeit they are each a hair away from turning their backs on him, or even each other.  He asserts his power constantly, if not to impress others or see how far he can go so much as to uphold his own glass house of confidence and self-worth.  His family life is so empty that he crashes at his friends’ houses, avoids talk of his parents’, and clutches his place among his friends as his only light, a reality of which few around him are aware. Le Je Hoon plays this bully with such incredible abandon; we hate him so well but feel the aching delicacy of his existence.


Seo Jun Young (To The Beautiful You, Tree With Deep Roots) plays Dong Yoon, Kitae’s best friend since middle school, and the closest friend Kitae has.  [SPOILER ALERT] Dong Yoon knows Kitae like no one else – it is to him that Kitae shows any restraint of animosity – it is the loss of his friendship that could devastate Kitae’s carefully stacked card pyramid of reality.

bleak night photo

Baek Hee, played by Park Jung Min (Fists of Legend, Dancing Queen), is a friend constantly bullied by Kitae, and not your average schoolyard teasing. He is beaten so badly by Kitae and the pack that he transfers schools.  Baek Hee struggles to belong yet save face, receiving the brunt of Kitae’s hostility and the flexing aggression of both Kitae’s vulnerability and violence when they bubble to the surface.

We get the feeling that these friendships are something different, though, tensions weigh heavily as the bullying among friends ebb and flow with such intensity that the drama of high school that we know of wilts in comparison. Kitae is always at it, ragging on someone, meticulously noticing the behavior of his boyhood chums, carefully choosing his words to see how well he can puppeteer their lives, testing those he supposedly considers his friends. Kitae is the boy all the other kids are walking on eggshells around yet hover around, he’s the one so easily angered, delicately dispositioned, the one who so villainously manipulates those around him; he’s a dick – a pretentious, vulnerable one.
Punches fly, words get thrown, feelings are hurt, apologies doled out. More fights and they do it all over again.  It seems harmless on the surface because they’re boys.  And they are just boys, after all, but everyone has a limit – whether tested in boyhood or adulthood, when things are taken too far.
Bleak night 3

The characters are so beautifully portrayed by the actors, it matters little that the actors have a few years beyond that of the high school students they play.  Every scene is carefully constructed and written; we feel it – the need for friends, to belong; to be accepted, liked. We feel every note of doubt, distrust and resentment build as this intricately woven story is laid out – they give each other girl advice, bicker, joke, swear, make amends.

Quite awesomely and powerfully told, can hardly believe it’s a student film. Makes me want to be a better writer. And, to try my hand at drama.