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Park Hyung Sik’s Omona Face On Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

It looks like this.

Who: Our leading man, Park Hyung Sik (as Min Hyuk).

What: WTF?! aka Omona Face.

Where: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 6.

Who Cares: Because damn, that Omona Face was one of many, and they were all deliciously wonderful.

You didn’t think I’d keep them all to myself, did you?

You’re welcome.

Lots of great faces lately. And now Park Hyung Sik is about to give Lee Je Hoon’s WTF Faces a run for their money. Good stuff.


BTS!: Behind-The-Scenes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Dang, cuteness abounds even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Another BTS treat!

Park Bo Young.

Ji Soo.

Park Hyung Sik. That time Park Hyung Sik was in drag.

Let’s take a look at those behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, shall we?


And one more.

Scene-Of-The-Week: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 4

Kill the bad guy.

Save the boy.

That’s right – boy.

Who doesn’t love The Bodyguard? WIth a twist!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon did us a solid last week and gave us a throwback, Whitney Houston-soundtracked and all. When a lead character plays a bodyguard, you can’t miss that opportunity.

Sure, it was used in The Stranger Living In My Mother’s House, and probably a zillion times before, and a zillion times more.

Enjoyable. Appropriate. Right.

You’re welcome.