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That Time Lee Yi Kyung Took Off His Shirt


On Go Go Waikiki, Episode 3, Lee Yi Kyung’s Lee Joon Ki ends up going without the shirt. Why? He’s a background actor who gets cast as a swimmer.




The Fifth Time Jung Hae In Took Off His Shirt, Episode 11

Alright, we get it. Jung Hae In works out. Ha.

For those who are curious about the current tracking, you’re welcome.


The Fourth Time Jung Hae In Took Off His Shirt: “Prison Playbook,” Episode 8

In this scene, Captain Yoo (Jung Hae In) shares a scene with Je Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) in the locker room in Prison Playbook, Episode 8. And Jung Hae In’s ditched the shirt in this show a few times already.

This was a key scene in the drama, as Captain Yoo’s character had a huge turning point in his relationship with his cellmates.