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The 5th Time Park Seo Joon Took Off His Shirt: Fight My Way, Episode 8

For the record.

The 1st Time: A Witch’s Romance, Episode 2
Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon in A Witch’s Romance

It was that steamy episode 2, with sparks flying between the two leads in A Witch’s Romance.

The 2nd Time: Hwarang, Episode 8

That shower scene, along with the other ladykilling Hwarangs. (PSJ is on the far right).

3rd: Hwarang, Episode 5

Go Ara walked in on him. By accident.

4th: Fight My Way, Episode 3

While singing, of course.

Which brings us to this.

The 5th Time: Fight My Way, Episode 8

As MMA rookie Go Dong Man, PSJ must’ve logged some serious gym time. My, it’s getting a little hot in here.

You’re welcome, kdrama lovers.


That Time Park Seo Joon Took Off His Shirt. Again.

Thank you, Show.

You might’ve remembered the last time PSJ flashed those abs in Hwarang, they made another appearance in Episode 3 of currently airing Fight My Way . (Sidenote: wtf is up with Kim Ji Won’s brows?)



That Time Park Seo Joon Took Off His Shirt

He played it off like, ‘it ain’t no thing.’

In Episode 5 of Hwarang, Ah Ro (Go Ara) walked in on Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon) changing, and the man barely flinched. Ah Ro, however, was a different story.


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