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That Time Ji Soo Took Off His Shirt

I was not aware of this.

After a mighty fight scene (one of many), Ji Soo’s character, Kang Joo, gets stabbed and is seen getting treated at a hospital in Bad Guys: Vile City, Episode 7.

I hadn’t seen the Bad Guys franchise before but finally started checking out this installment. Um, for Ji Soo.

Maybe you remember his prior garment-ditching scene in the show with that mass recruitment of male PYTs, Scarlet HeartJi Soo wasn’t the only one showing off their workouts in that royal bath. 

So I suppose this chalks up as Ji Soo’s second shirtless scene. (Comment below if there was another one.)

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. [It’s about 17:20 in. You’re welcome.]

ji soo shirtless bad guys vile city ep7


Bad Guys: Vile City is available on Netflix.


That Time Kim Min Jae Took Off His Shirt

On Great Seducer, Episode 9.

Forgot to tell y’all.

Kim Min Jae in a bubble bath.

Lined with rose petals.

By himself. Ha.

Because rich chaebol young men spend their time in rose petal-lined bubble baths alone in their spare time, I guess.

kim min jae great seducer ep9 shirtless

That Time Lee Jong Hyun Took Off His Shirt

On That Man, Oh Soo.

Oh Soo (Lee Jong Hyun) ditches the shirt in a shower scene in Episode 7.

Who likes the ink?