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Ji Soo: Then vs. Now

Hard to believe it’s only been a few years since Ji Soo first popped up in Angry Mom. And is it me or does he already look different, like he’s grown up miles from then?

It was a breakthrough role for him – a supporting actor in the drama starring Kim Hee Sun. His character, Go Bok Dong, starts off ever the villain, but as the story progresses we see his vulnerability slowly revealed as he shifts between intimidating to brooding.

And damn, was that some crazy sexy brooding. Couldn’t hide that under a rock.

And fast forward to more recent roles, like last year’s sleeper hit, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (a lead role) and the ensemble piece Bad Guys: Vile City.

Which Ji Soo look do you prefer, his character Go Bok Dong from Angry Mom or Gook Doo from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon?

[below: Angry Mom, left, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, right]

ji soo angry mom do bong soon


The Top Kdrama Crushes Of 2017

Who I crushed on in 2017. Who made you swoon?

Ji Soo

Guk Doo ya…we fell in love with his dark and brooding Bok Dong way back when on Angry Mom, the lovelorn prince on Scarlet Heart, and that earnest meathead on Page Turner. Ji Soo continued to break hearts as the second lead (sigh) on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Jang Ki Yong

go back couple ep3 jang ki yong uniform

Full disclosure: pretty sure most of Jang Ki Yong’s draw is because he looks so…tall. Throw him in a uniform and GAME. OVER. The very tall and very handsome actor popped up in Go Back Couple, crushing on Jang Na Ra’s character something fierce.

Park Seo Joon

park seo joon shirtless scene

PSJ had a good year, that 2017. There was feature film Midnight Runners,  co-starring Kang Ha Neul, there was Fight My Way, with solid chemistry between him and co-star Kim Ji Won. (And there was that time he took off his shirt.) And yes, there was that Hwarang which people seem to want to forget. You can catch him these days on Youn’s Kitchen Season 2 – hellloooo PSJ speaking to me in Spanish. Swoon.

Woo Do Hwan

If anything, 2017 was the year of Woo Do Hwan. He was the bona fide breakout star of Save Me, with an enviable onscreen presence and charisma to match. He then took on an even bigger role in Mad Dog opposite Yoo Ji Tae (for which he snagged a 2017 KBS Best New Actor Award).

Yang Se Jong

yang se jong

As a relative newcomer to our kdrama screens (and hearts, heh), Yang Se Jong took on his first leading role in 2017, opposite Seo Hyun Jin (Let’s Eat 2, Another Oh Hae Young) in Temperature Of Love. Although its strong start and notable kiss scene couldn’t save the show from its later lukewarm tension and dragging storylines, the thesp held his own as headstrong, naive-in-love chef.

Face-Of-The-Week: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 9


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 9.

This guy.

“You should see the other guy?”

Please. He IS the other guy.

You’re welcome.

p.s. I know I’m behind. But I warned you, I’m still trying to catch up on sleep!