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Crush-Of-The-Week: Yoon Si Yoon, “Grand Prince”

He has such nice teeth.

In this edition of Crush-Of-The-Week, I present to you Yoon Si Yoon in Episode 3 of Grand Prince.

Heartbreaker alert.

If the shirt-ditching scenes weren’t enough, the corners of that mouth turn up and we are in Crush-Of-The-Week territory. Was he always this adorable?

yoon si yoon grand prince ep3

grand prince yoon si yoon ep3


The 5th Time Yoon Si Yoon Took Off His Shirt, “Grand Prince”

I’m wondering if this show will end up being a record number.

We’ve got Yoon Si Yoon’s third abdominal appearance for the show, and it’s only Episode 3. (Here’s what you missed.) Grand Prince is all over the melodrama and dominant heavy scores, but let’s not kid ourselves; I’m following the show for Yoon Si Yoon reasons.

yoon si yoon shirtless abs grand prince ep3

The 3rd & 4th Time Yoon Si Yoon Took Off His Shirt, “Grand Prince”

Probably. I haven’t been tracking him as closely.

Somebody’s been working out. I just wanted to bring it to your attention, fellow kdrama lovers.

In Grand Prince, Yoon Si Yoon ditches the shirt in episodes 1 and 2. Has it been that long since The Best Hit wrapped? (p.s. who knew they’d turn on the romance for his character that hard on that show?) Damn, I miss Dda Bong. He was so fun and genuine and yes I miss those ’90s baggy jeans!

Is it me or he getting even more cut than he was before?

grand prince yoon si yoon ep1 shirtless abs sageuk

I present the case in episode 2.

Ja Hyun (Jin Se Yeon) is hiding in a place where of course she’s not supposed to be, seeing what she ain’t supposed to be seeing.

On another note, Grand Prince steps into melo pretty fast, but then jumps back into lighthearted fare. In some scenes, actors go from 0 to 60 so fast it comes off a little too exaggerated and overacted. Direction is all over the place, but I hope it finds its groove soon. I really like Yoon Si Yoon especially after seeing more of his comedic chops in The Best Hit.

yoon si yoon grand prince