The Worst Kdramas

You’re the worst, Show.

When dramas are bad, they’re really bad.

Here are the hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Discovery Of Romance (2014): too many flashback-dependent times, leads are way beyond the benchmark of fresh-faced undergrads. Plot drags and I felt like I was stuck in a relationship I couldn’t get out of.

Fashion King (2012): nicely executed kiss in episode 2; that’s about it.

Heirs (2013): So many great scenes, yet such a heinously pricey letdown. (And here’s why.)

I Am Sam (2007): I watched this for T.O.P. (his early days as an actor). Don’t do it, fellow BIGBANG fans. It’s more satisfying watching him in 19. Or Commitment. Or Into The FireTazza 2. Basically anything else.

I Miss You (2012): even more miserable than Shark.

Shark aka Orpheus: Don’t Look Back (2013): I love Ha Seok Jin and Son Ye Jin, but stay away from this one. Yo-yo-ing between misery and misery was miserable.

Who Are You (2013) : I love Taecyeon as much as the next person, but this was a mistake. Chemistry was off (if nonexistent), Jae Wook was a trophy backstory ornament.


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