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That Time-Warped (But Still Weird Age-Gappy) Kiss: The Best Hit, Episode 5

Sure, he’s 30 and she’s 41.

Which isn’t that crazy in reality, but he’s of the forever-21 face of great Asian genetics and supposedly fantastical-Korean-skincare-products-at-your-disposal variety.

Hyun Jae (Yoon Si Yoon) and Bo Hee (Yoon Son Ha) were in a relationship together, twenty-ish years ago.

And in present day (in the drama), Bo Hee has a son who is the same age as him.

So by way of my completely logical understanding, it’s like he kissed his friend’s mom.


Kiss(es)-Of-The-Week: The Best Hit [Episodes 3 & 4]

Ooh, I feel a kiss scene about to happen.

With not one, not two, but three (!) kiss scenes in a single week, The Best Hit’s got the liplock count covered. (Not to mention the one with Lee Kwang Soo’s cameo.)

Choi Woo Seung (Lee Se Young) and Yoo Hyun Jae (Yoon Si Yoon) got all the action this past week, albeit they were all accidental by circumstance.

It’s been awhile since my last edition of Kiss-Of-The-Week (KOTW). (Perhaps it’s been banal these last few weeks in kdrama?)
At any rate, things seem to be looking up in kdramaland overall, with Fight My Way bringing us an extra spring in our step and The Best Hit finally premiering.

Kiss #1: The Accidental Car-Stopped-Short-And-My-Mouth-Landed-On-Your-Mouth Kiss [Episode 3]

When you slam the brakes and the person sitting in the backseat is in the middle, with no seatbelt on, well, sure, it could happen. (Only in kdrama.)

Kiss #2: The Broken Passenger Seat Kiss [Episode 4]

Because the broken passenger seat gave out, of course, as it’s been prone to do.

Kiss #3: The Your-Lips-Broke-My-Fall Kiss

When you slip and your face lands in another person’s face.

And who didn’t love that 90s background music, highlighted by a 360-degree visuals and a pop of lens flare?

The Best Hit’s Cameo Count: Jang Hyuk, Lee Kwang Soo, Defconn and More!

The Best Hit premiered this week, and it didn’t waste any time with the cameos. Here are the faces you may or may not have missed!

Park Hyuk Kwon [Episode 1]

Yes, he was in the Producers. In fact, I’m starting to think these are all adding up to be a mini Producers-reunion.

Choi Hwa Jung [Episode 2]

This radio DJ look familiar? Yep. Same here.

Ahn Kil Kang [Episode 2]

For some reason I always recall his role as the takoyaki-toting dude on Surplus Princess, though he’s been a hundred things. Yes, a hundred dramas.

Kim Jun Ho [Episodes 1 & 3]

Yes, he is that dude dude from 2 Nights 1 Day. Familiar face ALSO played with the team again for a second cameo as a doc in episode 3 (thought we wouldn’t notice? ha).

The Giraffe: Lee Kwang Soo [Episode 2]

I love when they bring in Lee Kwang Soo for a cameo, and as a love interest, at that. Feels slightly cruel, but for the greater kdrama good.

Jang Hyuk [Episode 3]

Fated To Love You thesp Jang Hyuk! He’s def been in a few dramas since then. But if I haven’t seen it, it is there in which my memory of that actor is frozen in time.

Defconn [Episode 3]

Weekly Idol co-host pops up to cameo as himself and lend his phone to Hyun Tae (Yoon Si Yoon). If we added a ‘random dance,’ my kdrama and kvariety world would just explode.

Monsta X [Episode 4]

Because what’s a kpop trainee character without some real-life cameos?

Ooh, what I wouldn’t give for an Lee Jong Kook cameo. Throw Ra Mi Ran in there while you’re at it. Fingers crossed, kdrama lovers!

Total Cameo Count: 8.

Any other cameos that you caught that I missed? Comment below.


Someone please tell me this actor’s name and where we’ve seen him?! It’s driving me nuts.