Damn Sexy Alert: Yoon Doo Joon Suits Up On “Radio Romance”

The hair didn’t hurt, either.

That time Ji Su Ho (Yoon Doo Joon) “accidentally” tripped Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) on Radio Romance. Because his legs are so long. Ha. Remind me never to forget the guy.

yoon doo joon

But mostly, I was glad to see Yoon Doo Joon suit up! The Highlight member appeared in this double-breasted number in a flashback scene referenced a couple times in the show (episodes 1, 8). The Let’s Eat thesp looks so much better with his hair like that.

And yes, I’m still watching the show, though the age difference is bothersome.


That Age Gap On “Radio Romance”

If you didn’t notice any age gaps, you’re lying.

For the record.

Kim So Hyun, 18, and Yoon Doo Joon, 28

Yes, that’s right, that’s a 10 year age difference between our two leads. Sure, Kim So Hyun is playing a character that’s in her early- to mid-twenties, but she looks and is young, compared to her male co-star.

Kwak Dong Yeon, 20

Kwak Dong Yeon is the one on the right (in winter whites). He plays a doctor. I know.

Yura, 25, and Ha Joon, 30

Please tell me this duo will pair up by series’ end.

Jo Byeong Gu, 21, Sim Eun Woo, 25, and Yoon Park, 30

This Week’s Pick: Go Go Waikiki

FinaLLy! Some new shows to keep us warm and cute and cuddly until spring arrives.

Go Go Waikiki (으라차차 와이키키)

Lee Yi Kyung – whose Legends Of The Fall throwback was so likably adorable on Go Back Couple, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. And he’s got the character carrying the show.

It’s light kdrama fare! It’s got cameos! It’s fun! Three young men run a guesthouse in Seoul. And a baby shows up! One’s a cynical director-hopeful, one’s a struggling actor, and one’s a unknown writer.  Perhaps they should make a film whilst running the hostel? And we’ll get the show-within-a-show? Too obvious? (Sidenote: is this the universe telling me I need to get to become housemates with collaborators and work on another scripted film?)

go go waikiki ep1


Cast includes Kim Jung Hyun (School 2017), Son Seung Won (Hello My Twenties 2), Jung In Sun (Circle: Two Worlds Connected), Go Won Hee (Strongest Deliveryman). Cameos like Park Sung Woong, Kim Seo Hyung (Villainess), and, without a doubt, more to come.

Something about three dudes who are still boys and not yet quite men, trying to run a business? I’m in.

Network: JTBC
Director: Lee Chang-Min (Man To Man, Remember)
Writer: Kim Ki-Ho, Song Ji-Eun, Song Mi-So
Airs: Monday-Tuesday
16 episodes.

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