5 Things About “Mr. Sunshine” on Netflix

First impressions, y’all!

That hotly anticipated next drama, Mr. Sunshine from that little known (ahem) writer in kdramaland.

I finally caught the first episode, which is now available on Netflix. [New eps every week.]

#1: Episode 1 is packed.

Lots of characters and backstory. It’s historical sageuk vibes, so it’s chock full of betrayal, sacrifice, class restrictions, tragedy, power plays, and war.

#2 It looks hella expensive.

Just count the war scenes, massive sets of extras, period costumes, and full on historical sets.

#3 The evil dude from W is in it.

villain Mr. Sunshine ep1

He’s evil here, too. Typecasting much?

#4 Byun Yo Han looks goood, y’all.

mr. sunshine byun you han ep1


And last, but not least:

#5 It’s a Descendants reunion, y’all!

Well, sort of. That other couple we shipped so hard in Descendants Of The Sun, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo, reappears here.

Not to mention there’s a shoutout of Goblin and Descendants cast members all up in this joint. It’s like Kim Eun Sook just rounded up the old gang for another party.


Cameo Alert: Jung Yu Mi On “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

It’s a Youn’s Kitchen 2 reunion, y’all!

Jung Yu Mi (Live, Train To Busan) walks onto Episode 14 of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim as a childhood friend of Park Seo Joon’s character, Young Joon.

The old friend’s appearance subsequently incites the jealousy, of course, of another character, courtesy of Park Min Young.

cameo jung yu mi

Remember when they were busting out the plates of hodduk and bibimbap together in Tenerife? Ah, memories. <3.

Hot Korean Dramas US Distributors Haven’t Picked Up

These highly sought dramas have been abuzz, yet U.S. distribs haven’t picked them up.

Ooh, baby, you want it but you just can’t have it.

Since they first premiered, fans have been twitching for access and have resorted to looking up pirated versions – those of the lesser visual quality, iffy connectivity, and lacking subtitles.

The Usual Suspects (For U.S. distribs):

DramaFever, Viki, and Netflix are the major online distributors of Korean television dramas in the U.S. If the series is not streaming on one of these platforms, it’s likely nowhere to be found (legally, that is). (Amazon and Hulu don’t generally carry as many kdrama titles.)

The things fans do for their kdrama fix.

Here are the hot titles of interest, still unavailable for streaming in the U.S.

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

jung hae in pretty noona

The Draw:

Rising star Jung Hae In (you might as well call him a member of the current F4) in a sweeping romance between an older woman and a younger man.

The title alone is sufficient to get fans hooked.

A-list female actor Son Ye Jin shares the screen with the young thesp. It’s Jung Hae In like we’ve never seen him before, and after his impressively built credits (scene-stealing guest star role on Goblin, major roles on While You Were Sleeping and series gem Prison Playbook), we’ve been ready to see him in a passionate romance as the first lead. Be still our hearts.

Why We Know It’s Good:

Director Ahn Pan-seok (Heard It Through The Grapevine, Secret Affair) has a solid track record for melodrama and weaving intricate storylines and character development, while throwing in subtle humor and a knack for beautifully built tension.

ep5 pretty noona

Why It’s Still Even Better Than Expected:

The chemistry between Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin is lit. No, really, it’s crazy, crazy cuteness all around.

*Updated 5/27/18: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, aka Something In The Rain, is now available on Netflix and DramaFever. All 16 eps are up – marathon alert!


suits park hyung sik

The Draw:

Park Hyung Sik, who was in last year’s sleeper hit, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, co-stars with A-list film actor Jang Dong Gun in this remake of the American series.

Why We Know It’s Good:

Jang Dong Gun is another one of Korea’s film A-listers, selective with his roles, and rarely does kdramas. His last one, A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012), was a bona fide hit, and his last one before that was in 2000.

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