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Kang Ha Neul. Park Seo Joon. In The Same Movie.

Fellow Kdrama Lovers,

If you’re wearing socks, prepare to get them knocked off.

Kang Ha Neul.

Park Seo Joon.

In upcoming feature Young Cop.

That’s right.

This guy.

And that guy.

park seo joon hwarang 2sh go ara


Take a moment to pick yourself off the floor.

In upcoming film Young Cop, KHN and PSJ are, in fact sharing the big screen as leading men in the film directed by Kim Joo Hwan, to be released this summer (which is not that far anymore, y’all! Winter layers be damned).

Here’s an interview with the inside scoop on the PYT powers gracing the cinemas (and our dreams):


BTS (Video!): Kang Ha Neul, Simon D, Song Ji Hyo Cameos On Entourage

Because getting a BTS peek into kdramaland is a sweet, delectably savored.screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-11-20-40-pm

Entourage has been buzzing with cameos, as y’all heard.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes treat at some of the stars who have appeared on the show. Enjoy.
(P.S. Look for the cameos by Seo Kang Joon and Cho Jin Woong during a certain actor’s interview, heh.)




 Cameos: Song Ji Hyo, Lee Joon Ik, Ji Suk Jin, Simon D
Kang Ha Neul, Jin Goo, & Kim Sung Kyun

Sidenote: Oh, KHN. It’s already been too long.

Cameo Alert: Kang Ha Neul on Entourage [Episode 5]

It’s KHN, baby!

The actor who slayed in Scarlet Heart appeared as himself in this cameo, as an actor dating Ahn So Hee on Entourage [Episode 5]. Or, rather, they had dated, and he wanted to get back together. This creates a predicament as he was interested in getting cast in War Terminator with her, and thus also, would be working with Cha Young Bin (Seo Kang Joon).

And Cha Young Bin, one of our leads, likes So Hee, and finds KHN in her dressing room.



Nice to see you, Kang Ha Neul. I’ll take a cameo if that’s all I can get.