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Korean Films Now Streaming: “Socialphobia,” “New Trial,” and “One Way Trip” [August 2017]

The latest Korean films streaming. Enjoy.

Socialphobia (2015)

“Socialphobia” is a gritty indie film starring Byun Yo Han (who blew up – along with the rest of the cast – in Misaeng), Ryu Jun Yeol (from Lucky Romance, Reply 1988), and Lee Joo Seung (The Producers, Let’s Eat 2). Find it on DramaFever.

New Trial (2017)

Because Dongju: Portrait Of A Poet left us all wanting more. Or at least have something with KHN to hold us over until his other movie finally hits US soil. “New Trial” stars Jung Woo and Kang Ha Neul, along with Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988, Entourage). Now on Viki.

One Way Trip (2016)

Dark coming-of-age tale appropriately told with some of kdrama’s already familiar up-and-comers.  Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo, Suho, Kim Hee Chan. Because we’re still upset from seeing Ji Soo get rejected not once, twice, or thrice, but a fourth time. Probably even more. DramaFever’s got it.

Honorable Mention: Bleak Night, quite possibly my favorite indie flick, is now on DramaFever. You’re welcome.


BTS!: Behind-The-Scenes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Dang, cuteness abounds even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Another BTS treat!

Park Bo Young.

Ji Soo.

Park Hyung Sik. That time Park Hyung Sik was in drag.

Let’s take a look at those behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, shall we?


And one more.

Best Dream Sequence: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 4

Talk about an eye opener.

Ji Soo, Ji Soo, Ji Soo. The man of your/my/our/Bong Soon’s dreams.

This week’s best dream sequence – with a twist! – goes to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 4.

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-10-pm-1 screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-12-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-13-03-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-38-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-42-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-45-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-48-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-49-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-50-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-14-56-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-02-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-05-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-07-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-16-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-19-pm screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-1-15-20-pm

Side note: Nice gams, Hyung Sik.