I Want Coffee With Alec Baldwin. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Reviewed.

Ok I loooove this web series.  Particularly keeling over the ep with Alec Baldwin.  I want coffee with Alec Baldwin.  Oh, and Tina Fey.

10 eps, Comedy. By ol’ comedy pros that have not lost a single step.

Also, Jerry goes into great detail for the cars he uses for each episode.  The women watching are thinking: who cares?


Jerry calls Alec a “lazy bastard.”

“I don’t like driving a stick.” “That was very Jewish.”

“You just made the distance that made it acceptable for me to hold that door.”

“I’ll have an herbal tea.” When is a tea NOT HERBAL??

Also, the moment when Jerry waits for Larry’s reaction after eating a pancake takes FOREVER!!!

Words of observational wisdom: “The cigar takes time.”

“What kind of underwear do you wear?”

“I moved downtown… and at 3 o’clock in the morning…’Fuck you, Stephen!….a full five minutes goes by, and…’Fuck you, Stephen! Get back here!’ ”

Watching Barry Marder get in the car with Jerry. And then: “I may be 8 pounds heavier than this car.”

Also, WHY IS THERE ROLL OF SCOTCH TAPE ON THE TABLE at the diner where Jerry’s having lunch with Barry? When do you need Scotch tape while having lunch?

***Don’t miss: the ‘Spare Parts’ clips that didn’t make it into the full-length eps. “The Ketchup Incident” with Larry David.



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